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Zombie Group Location Pro Photo Op
Zombie Group Location Pro Photo Op
Zombie Group Location Pro Photo Op

Product Description
Professional photo ops with DAWN OF THE DEAD celebrities in the actual film locations in the Monroeville Mall. This photo includes 6 actors who portrayed zombies in the film. We cannot guarantee the specific combination of actors each day, so please note that you are buying a themed photo op with at least 6 of the zombies. You will receive an 8 by 10 photo of you (and your group) with the celebrity(s) in an actual location used in the film the photo background. Photos will be available late in the same day for pickup. A digital copy will be emailed to you as well.

You are responsible for attending the photo op at the designated time. Meeting place is in the Monroeville Mall at the Living Dead Weekend booth in the old clocktower court by DICKS SPORTS end of mall. Please have your order number and name ready for pickup.